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February 12, 2:22pm
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Z -- Inactive Title -- Soil and Biota of Serpentine: A World View. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Serpentine Ecology
Author:Rajakaruna, Nishanta
Robert Boyd, eds.
Publisher:Northeastern Naturalist, Special Issue 5
Published:2009Status: In Stock
Category:Northeastern Naturalist, Serpentine
Description:This 440 page volume is a collection of papers generated by the 6th International Conference on Serpentine Ecology, held in Bar Harbor Maine in June 2008. Published in March 2010 as a special issue of the journal Northeastern Naturalist, these proceedings contain 30 peer-reviewed papers on a wide variety of topics relevant to the soils and biota of serpentine areas. Readers interested in soil science, plant evolution, genetics, floristics, physiology, revegetation, and many other scientific specialities will find up-to-date papers on aspects of these areas pertinent to serpentine soils, contributed by a global group of experts. The volume contains reviews of some areas of the field, as well as specific research contributions to a range of topics revolving around serpentine ecology. This full-color volume will be a valuable reference for those interested in serpentine soil habitats.

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