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February 10, 10:15pm
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NOVON 01(4), A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature
Author:MBG Press
Crosby, Marshall R.
Publisher:Missouri Botanical Garden Press
Published:16 Dec 1991Status: In Stock
Category:Flowering Plants, Ferns, Gymnosperms, General Systematics, Journals, Novon, Plant Taxonomy, Plant Nomenclature

Novon is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal and publishes short articles whose primary purpose is the establishment of nomenclature in vascular plants and bryophytes.


Orchidaceae Dunstervillorum II. Maxillaria cryptobulbonMaxillaria brunnea Complex. German Carnevali and John T. Atwood

Eight New Species of Masdevallia (Orchidaceae). Carlyle A. Luer

A New Species and a New Combination in Ichnanthus from South America (Gramineae: Paniceae). Timothy J. Killeen and Christine C. Kirpes

Panicum aquarum, a New South American Species of Panicum (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae). Fernando O. Zuloaga and Osvaldo Morrone

Panicum tepuianum (Poaceae: Paniceae), a New Species from Cerro Aracamuni in the Venezuelan Guayana. Gerrit Davidse and Fernando Zuloaga

Fissidens (sect. Aloma) cylindrothecus (Bryopsida: Fissidentaceae), a New Species from Colombia. Ronald A. Pursell and Jaime Aguirre C.

Sclerolobium Vogel (Caesalpiniaceae), un Nuevo Genero para America Central. Nelson Zamora V. and Luis J. Poveda A.

Stylogyne rodriguesiana (Myrsinaceae), a New Androdioecious Species from Amazonia. John J. Pipoly III

Systematic Studies in the Genus Myrsine L. (Myrsinaceae) in Guayana. John J. Pipoly III

Novae Gesneriaceae Neotropicarum III. Additional New Species from Venezuela. Laurence E. Skog and Julian A. Steyermark

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