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February 9, 4:22pm
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Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 93(2), Latin American Biogeography, the 51st Annual Systematics Symposium of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Author:MBG Press
Hollowell, Victoria C.
Publisher:Missouri Botanical Garden Press
Published:23 August 2006Status: In Stock
Category:Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Journals

The Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, published quarterly since 1914, contains peer-reviewed papers primarily devoted to systematic botany and evolution. The Annals reflect the global mission of the Garden, with contributing authors from the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.


Proceedings of the 51st Annual Systematics Symposium of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Latin American Biogeography--Causes and Effects, held October 8-10, 2004 in St. Louis

● Introduction. Alan Graham

● Late Cretaceous Terrestrial Vertebrates from Madagascar, Implications for Latin American Biogeography. David W. Krause, Patrick M. OConnor, Kristina Curry Rogers, Scott D. Sampson, Gregory A. Buckley and Raymond R. Rogers

● Evolution and Geography, The Biogeographic History of South American Land Mammals. Rosendo Pascual

● Paleogeography of the Antilles and Origin of West Indian Terrestrial Vertebrates. S. Blair Hedges

● The Great American Biotic Interchange, Patterns and Processes. S. David Webb

● Late Quaternary Environments of the Northern Deserts and Central Transvolcanic Belt of Mexico. Sarah E. Metcalfe

● Quaternary Environmental History and Agricultural Impact on Vegetation in Central America. Dolores R. Piperno

● The Palaeobotanical Record of Colombia, Implications for Biogeography and Biodiversity. Henry Hooghiemstra , Vincent M. Wijninga and Antoine M. Cleef

● Paleobotanical Evidence and Molecular Data in Reconstructing the Historical Phytogeography of Rhizophoraceae. Alan Graham

● Modern Processes and Historical Factors in the Origin of the African Element in Latin America. Alan Graham

● Dispersal-Vicariance Analyses in the Tribe Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae), A Clue to Understanding Biogeographical History of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Mathieu Perret, Alain Chautems and Rodolphe Spichiger

A Phytogeographic Analysis of Araceae of Cabo Corrientes (Choco, Colombia) and Comparable Lowland Tropical American Floras. Thomas Croat and Jorge Jacome

Science with a Social Conscience: Digging for Dinosaurs and Helping Children in the Land that Time Forgot. David W. Krause

Statistical Summary of the Activities in the Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium, 2005. James C. Solomon and Robert E. Magill

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