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February 11, 5:14pm
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Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers
Author:Yatskievych, KayPublisher:Indiana University Press
Published:2000Status: In Stock
Category:Flora, Flowering Plants, Ferns, Gymnosperms, North America

Book Description
This standard-setting, state-of-the-art field guide to the wildflowers of Indiana (and surrounding states) includes all 1,568 herbaceous species recorded in the state. It contains 640 color photographs, along with helpful explanations and numerous drawings of the characteristics that separate each of the individual species.

This Field Guide replaces every previous guide to Indiana wildflowers. With an emphasis on completeness, strong visual presentation, and simplicity of terminology, this book will be invaluable to anyone, amateur or botanical professional, interested in Indiana's diverse wildflower population.

Forty percent or more of Indiana's wildflowers will not be found in any of the available field guides. This book fills that gap. It includes all of the herbaceous species - a total of 1,568 - recorded in Indiana (except grasses, sedges, and rushes). It contains 640 colour photographs, one for every group of visually similar species. The photographs representing more than one species are accompanied by text and numerous drawings of the characters that separate each of the individual species. each species entry includes the scientific name, the common name, habitats, general distribution in the state, months of blooming, size of the plant and the flowers or inflorescence, and a brief additional description of the plant. If there is a photograph or drawing of the species, it is always placed with the species entry. Species that are introduced to the state or are on Indiana's endangered, threatened, and rare list are marked with one-world notation about their status. Species are grouped into families, which are arranged so that the most closely related and usually visually similar families are near each other. A "Flower Finder" section at the front of the book with sections based on the number of coloured parts of the flower and drawings as visual guides helps the user find the appropriate location in the book for unknown wildflowers. With an emphasis on completeness, strong visual presentation, and simplicity of terminology, this book should be useful to a broad audience - from the most inexperienced amateur to professionals in many fields.

About the Author
Kay Yatskievych's love of wildflowers began when she was growing up on a Johnson County, Indiana farm. Since 1990, she has been employed by the Missouri Botanical Garden as coeditor of a 9-volume series, the Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana, while continuing to do photography and research in her spare time for Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers. Kay is a founding member of both the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society and the Brown County Spring Wildflower Count. She has led dozens of wildflower walks, given numerous slide shows about plants, and has had many of her photographs published in books, magazines, posters, and newspapers.


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