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February 6, 7:08am
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Z -- Inactive Title -- Flora de Nicaragua (MSB 85)
Author:Stevens, W. D.
Ulloa Ulloa, Carmen
Pool, Amy
Montiel, Olga Martha
Publisher:Missouri Botanical Garden Press
Published:2001Status:Out of Stock
Category:Flora de Nicaragua, Flora - Other, MSB, Monographs in Systematic Botany
Description:"Flora de Nicaragua" is a the first modern flora of that country and the first complete flora of a Latin American country published in Spanish. About 23 years in the making, the "Flora de Nicaragua" describes 5,796 species in 1,699 genera in 225 families of seed plants. The largest family is the Orchidaceae with 601 species. There were 175 contributors from 16 countries. The Flora is divided into Gymnosperms and Angiosperms, and within those groups taxa are alphabetical. Families and genera have identification keys. Species treatments include the place of original publication, general synonymy, a brief description, habitat and distribution within the country, vouchers, phenology, general distribution, and some well-established local names.

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