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February 11, 4:35am
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Augustus Green in the Lair of the Pye-a-Saw
Author:Lammers, Thomas G.Publisher:Self Published by Author
Published:2009Status: In Stock
Category:Fiction, Botanical Explorers, Iowa, North America

An Amazing Fictional Adventure on the American Frontier!

Four years before the Louisiana Purchase, an intrepid young American botanist defies the Spanish authorities to study the flora of what is today southeastern Iowa.

Accompanied only by his resourceful French-Canadian guide, he boldly plunges into this unknown land, discovering plants new to science and reveling in the wilderness.

Then he encounters an ancient monument to a fearsome monster of antiquity: a terrible beast that fed upon the deer and buffalo...and men! He hears rumors among the Indians: the beast lives again! Once more it stalks the prairies and plains, destroying all in its path...What will be the fate of the young explorer when he penetrates the lair of the monster and makes the most terrifying discovery of his life?

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