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Press: Queensland Homeowners Warned Against DIY Electrical Work

The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

DIY electrical work is dangerous and simply not worth the risk. Not only does it threaten the life of you and your family, it is also illegal in Queensland. It is also important to note that it may void your home insurance.

Queensland Home Owners Warned Against DIY Electrical Work

The Queensland government website has included a grave warning against those planning to follow the DIY path:

“DIY electrical work is regarded as unlicensed electrical work, which is illegal and has penalties of up to $40,000 for individuals.”

Hire A Licensed Electrician

It is vital to hire a licensed and trained electrical contractor for all electrical work. Qualified electricians are insured and give you the peace of mind knowing you are getting the job done right.

They are aware of the legislative guidelines, rules and regulations set by each state.

You can easily find electricians by searching in Google or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Instagram. If you are having problems contact the electrical industry association in your state. Local Brisbane electrical contractor from VIP Electrician Brisbane, Jeremy Knowles who has over 10 years experience in the industry recommends to read reviews of companies before hiring. “With so many people on social media these days it is easy to find reviews of a company. This makes it easier for customers to choose someone based on other peoples experiences” he stated.

DIY Lifestyle

Do-It-Yourself is a trend in many fields and hobbies. It bring out the independent learner within and allow you to modify how one thing is made according to your taste.

It’s not difficult to look for resource as YouTube, personal blogs and social media provide people with instructions for so many things.

Being budget-conscious may also drive individuals to do design, construct and advertise without the help of professionals. It also brings a sense of pride to be able to accomplish something with one’s own blood, sweat and tears.

Risking Life and Limb

Although DIY has become a part of people’s lifestyles, there are some matters that cannot be done without the guidance of a professional. One of these is when it comes to installing electrical wirings around your home.

Poor wiring can be a cause of serious problems for occupants in a home. This includes electric shocks, electrocutions and fires.

The damage caused by faulty wiring are often irreparable and if they are fixable, the repair costs more than when the problem started.

Government Regulations

While rules vary from state to state, there are broad guidelines that are universal. According to Work Cover Queensland, electricians are responsible for all work including the following:

  • Electrical wiring on the homeowner’s property from the main switchboard
  • Wiring inside the building to electrical appliances

Under the Queensland Electrical Safety Act, forbidden tasks by an unlicensed professional include:

  • Repairing a light switch
  • Altering the location of an existing power point
  • Constructing an extension lead
  • Installing a new power point
  • Replacing a plug at the end of a lead
  • To Replace a light fitting with a ceiling fan
  • Replacing a batten holder with a new light fitting
  • Repairing and appliance such as a heater

DIY Electrical Work

Some guidelines for homeowners:

  • Fitting (but not connecting) an electric wall oven in a kitchen cabinet
  • Replacing a drive belt in a washing machine
  • Cutting openings for air-conditioning units
  • Rewire old-style fuses
  • Install battery-operated smoke detectors
  • Install garden lighting and pond pumps


DIY Electrical wiring is detrimental to people’s safety and the preservation of property. Government laws dictate that any person who wishes to work behind a switchboard, light fitting, outlet or light switch must attain professional accreditations.

Further Reading

To learn about electrical accident statistics in Australia and New Zealand visit the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council website here.…

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10 Best Tips For A Pest Free Home


10 best tips for a pest free home

Having pests in your home is not only a nuisance, it can pose some serious health hazards. Pest faeces spread disease and food can be ruined and wasted when pests invade your home. Often by the time you notice the problem, it is already too late. If you see an insect or rat for example, this could point to a much bigger problem as pests are generally not solitary animals. It is therefore so much better to prevent the problem before it gets out of hand and you need to employ someone to deal with it.

10 best tips for a pest free home

If you find yourself with a pest situation, there are different things you could do to deal with the problem. You could use chemical insecticides or you could use more natural repellents but doing the following regularly, will help to prevent the problem in the first place. So here are the 10 best tips for keeping your home pest free.

Top 10 Tips

1. Remove debris

Small rodents and insects make their homes in dark moist places. If you allow rubbish to pile up, perfect conditions are created for these pests to breed. If these piles of rubbish are near your house. You could expect unwelcome visitors.

2. Keep your kitchen clean

Pests are attracted to food and anything left out in the kitchen is an open invitation to them. Keep surfaces clean, do not leave dishes dirty or leave crumbs or other food lying around. Check this to to know more about how to clean your kitchen clean.

3. Do seasonal checks

A lot of pests seek shelter when it gets cold. Check for cracks and small holes where pests could get in, and deal with these. Small holes in the roof or in the foundations must be repaired to keep insects and small rodents away.

4. Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed

Raccoons and squirrels use tree branches to get to the roof of your house and find a way in, so it is best to keep these branches away from the edges of your roof. Mulch, bark chips and straw make great homes for pests, so keep these away from your foundations. Store woodpiles and stacks of bricks away from the house.

5. Keep garbage bins closed

The animals which share your yard also get hungry and garbage is a great easy source of food. It is common for squirrels, raccoons and sometimes even for birds to rip open garbage bags and really make a mess. It is always advisable to keep the bin lids closed. The mess caused by one animal is also an invite for more to join in the party.

6. Windows and doors must be properly sealed

Seal cracks and openings. Insects can creep through the smallest cracks so it is wise to carefully examine the walls, windows, and doors. Seal off any holes where little critters can crawl through. Sealing cracks is also energy efficient.

7. Cover or pick up uneaten pet food pet food is also attractive to pests, your pet will not be impressed with a bowl full of ants.

8. Keep garden hoses tightly turned off

This will help to prevent a ready source of water being available for pests.

9. Change your lights

Replace standard outside lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen light bulbs. Pink or orange lights are less attractive to flying insects. If at all possible, have your outside lights placed away from the building, shining towards the door.

10. Keep the drains clear

Drains in the sink and outside can collect residue of all sorts of horrible stuff which is an ideal place for cockroaches, flies and such like to breed. Keep the drains well maintained, as not only do insects breed and spread germs, the smell is revolting.

If you are not keen on chemical insecticides and other harsh pest repellents which may be more dangerous than the pests, there are some natural remedies you could try. There are some essential oils that are unpleasant to pests and help to keep them at bay. If you mix these with pure alcohol such as vodka you can make a spray to apply around the home.

  • Citronella – keeps mosquitoes away
  • Rosemary – repels fleas and ticks
  • Peppermint and castile soap, mixed with water- will keep most insects away
  • Coffee grounds sprinkled around openings will discourage ants

pest free home

Other things to do

  • Screen mesh which is at least 200 holes per inch which you can get from home and hardware stores can be installed in window frames.
  • Store foodstuff in tightly sealed containers
  • Keep pet food bowls on a larger plate filled with water to prevent ants from infesting the food

It is important to keep your home clean to keep it …

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5 Reasons Why Community Matters for Business

Why Community Matters for Business

The Importance of Creating A Community

5 Reasons Why Community Matters for Business

As we were walking, my friend and I, through the fruit garden, I noticed an orange fruit that was ripe and tried to reach for it. However, I was not tall enough to reach for it. But with help of a friend, he lifted me up and I reached for it.

If he was not there I could not have enjoyed its sweetness. Community is a phrase we are hearing more and more in the business world. It’s becoming increasingly important as we focus more on partnerships, collaboration, and positive work culture.

Unity is strength and with this motive, business owners should really encourage working together to achieve enormous success and it is with this concept that community takes a great role in growth of our businesses.

Reasons for community involvement in your business are:

1. A sense of belonging

Business Community provides unique support network for both businesses and individuals lending a feeling of being connected and acceptable before your peers. This is crucial for your personal growth and developments making you have confidence to take risks and exploring new ideas on how to grow your business as a professional. Having a voice and a say in society puts your business at a better place to establish and grow itself.

2. Professional growth

Dynamic community management corporations attract quality businesses, employers and employees who seek an environment that is thriving and often increases opportunities for collaboration and growth. Business get support from organization managing community so it is crucial that management corporation have entrepreneurial mindsets as it implements new projects.

Getting help when you need  is a reason why community is important. There are a lot of skills and expertise that cut across spectrum of business owners. Invariably there will be people who are better at some things than others. We learn from each other and find mentors and inspirations that help drive us forward growth.

3. Mutual support

Our lives depend on relationships. Owning a business is no different. They exist as an extension of their local communities and every personal interaction is about building relationships. When an entire community supports one another, there is business enough to go round and competition is not an issue.

In a community you find entrepreneurs who have already achieved what you have set for your business and getting help from those who have been before you direct an easy success towards thriving of business. Check here The importance of mutual support.

We turn to our friends and family for support during hard times; ask for advice, get recommendations, and rely on each other to achieve our goals. Business is part of heartbeat of a larger community.

Business Community for Business

4. Access to resources

Resources are what make a business valuable and accessing them when you need them make all difference when encountering challenges that arise over lifetime of a business.

To have them you need a community which you have a mutual relationship for growth of your firm. In this partner ecosystem you surround your firm with professionals who know your market and fund your business with raw materials and in turn you supply them with raw materials.

5. Increased customer rate

Business defines communities as much as they define them, and no one can succeed without other. Whether your business category is retail, restaurant, office, co-working, professional or something else, consumers identify with branded areas.

Actually, community creates demand for your products and services. It allows a dynamic critical mass that draws people and ultimately increasing foot traffic to that area. This allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on increasing sales and establishing rapport with new customers and maintaining older ones.


Ingredients of a successful business are from community. Being part of a community really matters as largest free network for business is access to information, building relationships, supporting one another and sharing resources.…

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